Darktide Power Cycler (2024)

1. Power cycler - blessing - General Discussion - Fatshark Forums

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  • is this new? i dont recall ever seeing it before. went past sire melk saw it on a low rolled power sword at t4! took a punt , handed over the cash and dropped the bless off in the spank bank and put it onto my good sword so i have Power cycler t4- Increase Energised duration on chained energised hits Slaughterer t4- 15% for 3.5s on kill stackjs 5 high i get 7 or 8 heavy energised attacks per charge up and the slaughter buff hits max in the first two then everything just gets turned into a fin...

2. Sword (Power) - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern

  • You can find all weapons for the "Power Sword" category here for Darktide.

3. Veteran Plasma Gun / Power Cycler / Shout - Build for Darktide

  • Veteran Plasma Gun / Power Cycler / Shout. Veteran build by Fourzero for Warhammer 40000: Darktide.

  • Veteran Plasma Gun / Power Cycler / Shout. Veteran build by Fourzero for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

4. Patch #7 - Darktide

5. Stuff Searcher - Warhammer 40000: Darktide - Nexus Mods

  • 8 apr 2023 · This mod uses the Darktide Mod Loader and Darktide Mod ... You can search by blessing names like "Brutal Momentum" and "Power Cycler ...

  • With this bad boy *slaps roof* you can search through your items, with text!

6. The best Veteran build in Warhammer 40K: Darktide - PC Gamer

  • 13 dec 2022 · The best Darktide Veteran build · Melee Weapon: Munitorum Mk III Power Sword (with Brutal Momentum and/or Power Cycler) · Ranged Weapon: Accatran ...

  • Suppress the chaos hordes with your sharpshooting prowess.

7. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - 10 Best Weapon Traits - Gameranx

  • 14 jan 2023 · Turtolsky Mk VII Heavy Sword. Power Cycler. One of the best weapons in the entire game is the Power Sword. Where this weapon shines compared to ...

  • There are well over 100 Weapon Traits in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, but here are 10 of the very best.

8. Patch #4 - Blessings of the Omnissiah - Darktide

  • Power Cycler: Fixed an issue where additional max activations used a default value. Lowered the number of allowed activated attacks per Weapon Special ...

  • Feb 22, 2023

9. Darktide (2022) (4-player co-op from Fatshark, the Vermintide devs ...

  • 14 jun 2022 · Basically Power Sword is not very good. Unless you have Power Cycler 2, then it's the best melee weapon in the entire game by miles. Which… is ...

  • The only real issue I had with loot progression is that some things are basically impossible to get. And Power Sword’s Power Cycler. Basically Power Sword is not very good. Unless you have Power Cycler 2, then it’s the best melee weapon in the entire game by miles. Which… is dumb. And hard to get since it’s a Tier 4 that you’ll probably never see. Add in most Psyker Staves since like none of them share any Blessings for whatever reason. Then throw on that Psyker gets like a ton of weapons...

10. [2023] Power Cycler blessing not working after last patch | Warhammer

  • Comment by Warhammer: Darktide staff, FatsharkLev: Power Sword and Power Cycler have been tweaked in the latest update. Could this be it?

  • Comment by Warhammer: Darktide staff, FatsharkLev: Power Sword and Power Cycler have been tweaked in the latest update. Could this be it? Patch #7 Munitorum Mk III and Mk IV Powe...

11. Warhammer 40000: Darktide - Tips & Tricks - Re-actor.net

  • 7 jan 2023 · Power Sword's Power Cycler blessing changes the weapon completely, since it effectively recharges the energized status from every hit. With ...

  • Some of these might be obvious, others might be new. Combat Axe V is easily one of the best weapons in the game for any class.

12. All Warhammer 40K Darktide Weapons Traits list

  • 10 dec 2022 · Power Cycler: Increased Energized Duration on Chained Energized Hits. Precognition: Adds 2% to 5% Weak Spot Damage & Critical Damage for ...

  • Take the best traits possible into the Grimdark.

Darktide Power Cycler (2024)


How do you power up the power sword in Darktide? ›

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. Just discovered how to activate the Power Sword. So it turns out that the alt-fire button activates the Power Sword and hugely increases its damage output.

What does stopping power mean in Darktide? ›

Stopping Power. Measure of the Impact and Stagger inflicted on enemies. Thermal Resistance. Use of this weapon generates Heat. The higher the Thermal Resistance value, the less Heat is generated with each attack.

How does a power cycler work? ›

A power cycle is the removal of the device from any power, draining of any internal battery, and allowing for the device to restart in a controlled manner as it was designed to do.

What is power stat in Darktide? ›

Power scales the base of any attack. It determines the amount of damage (straight up hitpoints), amount of Impact (to stagger enemies) and Cleave.

What is the highest power level weapon in Darktide? ›

540 is the absolute max a weapon can be. 380 base weapon stats.

What does mk mean in Darktide? ›

The Armoury Exchange now has the option available (“Brunt's Armoury”) to acquire a specific weapon by its mark (Mk).

What is the best shotgun in Darktide? ›

The Kantrael Shotgun is actually pretty powerful. If you run the blessings Full Bore and No Respite, it makes it a very powerful two shot weapon. Aiming down sights DOES make the spread a lot tighter, giving it a lot more reach than you might expect.

Is toughness bugged in Darktide? ›

Veteran toughness is 100 instead of 200 and Ogryn starts at 50 instead of 100.

What is finesse power in Darktide? ›

Finesse is not a damage type, per se. It is a stat that determines the strength of a weapon's damage on Critical and Weakspot Hits. It also affects the speed of both light and heavy attacks. Higher Finesse values mean quicker hits, stronger crits, and better weakness exploitation.

How to perform a full power cycle? ›

Turn off and/or unplug the device. Wait at least 30 seconds. Plug in the device and/or turn it back on. That's it—you just power cycled your device!

What is the purpose of power cycling? ›

Power cycling refers to the process of turning off a device or system and then turning it back on again. This action is often used to clear any current issues or temporary glitches in the device.

What is the max weapon stat in Darktide? ›

All weapons have 5 modifiers that can have a value up to 80%, each percent counting as 1 rating point. The lowest rating is 85 (that of a character's starter weapons) and the best is currently 380 (with all modifiers but one at 80%).

What is the best gear score in Darktide? ›

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

whats the max gear score in this game? 540 for Weapons. 155 for Curios. Overall is 1545, give or take.

What is Max level in Warhammer Darktide? ›

When you reach the venerable level 30 cap and have no more skill points or new weaponry to unlock? Don't fret; it's not time to delete Darktide and move on. Thankfully, plenty of adventures still await you in the underhive of Tertium, and they're all as deadly as the last.

How do power swords work? ›

When its power cell is activated, often by touching a control located on the hilt, the blade is sheathed in a lethal corona of disruptive energy. This energy field allows the blade to carve through flesh, bone and most forms of armour plate alike, making a power sword a highly effective close combat weapon.

How do you rev the chainsword in Darktide? ›

the button used for reving up the chainsword is mouse button 5, if you got a normal mouse that only has 2 buttons and a wheel you need to rebind that key.

What is the force weapon in Darktide? ›

The Force Sword is an elegant weapon. It will only display its mighty abilities in the hands of a Psyker. Within the structure of the weapon is interwoven a powerful device called a Psi-Convector, formed into a precise serpentine shape which concentrates and directs psychic energy.

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