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Located in Cheshire, Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa is a highly respected and well-known nail salon that has built a reputation for providing exceptional nail care services in a friendly and relaxing environment. The salon is home to a team of highly trained and skilled nail technicians who are dedicated to delivering superior finishes and top-notch customer service during every visit.

In addition to offering traditional manicures and pedicures, Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa also boasts a range of premium nail treatments that allow customers to choose from natural-looking nails or something more bold and daring. No matter which option they choose, customers can trust that the salon's team of professionals will deliver the high-quality results that they expect from a top-tier salon.

But Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa is more than just a place to get your nails done. It's a welcoming and inviting space where customers can come alone or with friends to relax, unwind, and enjoy an afternoon of pampering and self-care. The salon values customer satisfaction above all else and is always seeking feedback and suggestions to ensure that every visit is the best possible experience.

The safety and well-being of both customers and team members is a top priority at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa. To that end, the salon has implemented strict hygiene measures and protocols to ensure that every visit is a safe and clean experience. Team members are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, and all equipment and surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of contaminants.

Booking an appointment at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa is easy and convenient.The salon is located at 1093 S Main St, in Cheshire, and customers are welcome to stop by in person to meet the team and tour the facility before booking.

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Nail Salon FAQs

  • What is the difference between a regular manicure and a gel manicure?

    A regular manicure typically involves nail shaping, cuticle care, and the application of nail polish, which can last up to a week. A gel manicure involves similar steps but uses a gel-based polish and UV light to cure the polish, resulting in a more durable finish that can last up to two weeks without chipping.

  • Where can I find the prices for different nail services at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa in Cheshire?

    The prices for different nail services at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa can be found on their official website, in-salon brochures, or by contacting the salon directly.

  • How does Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa in Cheshire maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the salon?

    Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene, following strict sanitation protocols and using sterilized tools for each client to ensure a safe and clean environment.

  • What amenities are available at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa’s nail salon in Cheshire?

    Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa’s salon is equipped with a variety of amenities to enhance the client’s experience, including comfortable seating, a relaxing ambiance, and complimentary beverages.

  • What payment methods are accepted at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa in Cheshire?

    Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa accepts various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital payment options for the convenience of their clients.

  • What is the cancellation policy at Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa in Cheshire?

    Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa has a fair cancellation policy, requiring clients to notify the salon within a specified time frame prior to the appointment time for any cancellations or changes, helping in better scheduling and availability for other clients.


Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (1)

Amanda M.


They give student discount to QU students, which is awesome! My dip powder french manicure didn't last a week before chipping. It was also done a little messy/not high quality product that will last 3-4 weeks. The staff is nice, but overall not satisfied.

Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (2)

Meg W.


This was my first time here and I won't go anywhere else. The woman who did my nails, Mary, took her time and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my nails. Very reasonably priced and polite staff.

Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (3)

Jenni F.


I got my first ever gel powder manicure here. These are some of the friendliest people I have met in a long time! And, my nails are gorgeous. Prices are reasonable and parking is easy. What more can you ask for?

Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (4)

Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (5)

Sleeping B.


I love this place so much. The staff are super friendly and the place is clean. I haven't gotten my eyebrows done in years and when I got them done here I was so happy. They came out perfect! I also loved my pedicure with Thomas. He did such a great job and I enjoyed talking to him.

Definitely a great place to check out.

Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (6)

Siobhan E.


Best nail salon in the area! Lily never fails any design you bring to her. I cannot stop talking about this place.

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Kimmie's Nail Salon & Spa | Nail salon in Cheshire, CT (2024)


How much do I tip the nail lady? ›

How Much Should You Tip? Much like at restaurants and hair salons, the industry standard for tipping at the nail salon ranges around 15 to 20 percent, and it is generally recommended that if you've received extra services or specialty designs, a minimum of 20 percent is appreciated.

Why do so many Vietnamese people work at nail salons? ›

Hedren also connected the women to jobs at salons across Southern California. By the end of the 1980s, over 125,000 Vietnamese refugees had settled in the United States, and word had spread among the close-knit community that nail salons were a viable business to earn a stable income and become self-sufficient.

Where are most nail salon employees from? ›

In California and more broadly, the U.S., the nail salon workforce is mostly women and foreign-born. Workers nationwide are largely Vietnamese, and almost half of those born abroad have low English proficiency, according to a 2018 study by UCLA and the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative.

Are salon manicures worth it? ›

Maintain Healthy Nails

Regular manicures will keep your nails clean and strong, preventing breakage. As a bonus, many salons also offer treatments like a paraffin dip or nail hardening to make nails even stronger.

Is $5 a good tip for a pedicure? ›

For instance, how much do you tip for a $50 pedicure? Depending on your satisfaction, $7.50 is a standard tip, $10 is a good tip, and if your nail tech really went the extra mile, $13 is a great tip.

Is it rude not to tip a nail salon? ›

If the nail salon owner does your nails, tipping etiquette can be a little tricky. Real Simple suggests it's not necessary to tip an owner if they provide your service, but of course you can if you feel their work was exceptional. Tipping is more than just about money – it's showing appreciation for a job well done.

What is a Russian manicure? ›

The Russian nail method is a dry process of filing, cutting, and removing the cuticle with electric drill bits entirely for a clean look and feel. The Russian manicure can prevent the dry cracking of cuticles or hangnails, thus extending the longevity of the manicure.

What nationality owns most nail salons? ›

Did you know that over 80% of nail salon owners in California are Vietnamese? Nationwide, 50% of nail salon owners are Vietnamese.

How much do Vietnamese nail techs make? ›

One industry expert says that the average yearly salary for a mani- curist is between $20,000 to $24,00010 For the more ambitious Vietnam- ese women who can accumulate a few thousand dollars, nail salon owner- ship is the way to become entrepreneurs and to increase income.

What nails are most professional? ›

Transparent light colors, light pink, delicate pastel colors or nude shades will be the safest choice for work. So if you have a problem choosing single color nails for work, go with french nails with delicate pink shade.

Do nail techs have health problems? ›

Diseases that can result from exposure to infected blood include hepatitis and AIDS. Nail salon workers can also get fungal infections, such as athlete's foot, from clients.

How much should I expect to pay for nails? ›

Here is a breakdown of the cost of popular nail services:

Standard manicure: $20-$40. Standard pedicure: $25-$40. Design add-on: +$10. Acrylics (full set): $25-$120.

What is the healthiest thing to get at a nail salon? ›

Unlike traditional techniques like acrylic or gel, dip powder nails do not require any UV light exposure. This eliminates the potential harm caused by UV lights, making dip powder a healthier choice. Moreover, dip powder nails are known to be highly resistant to chipping and peeling, ensuring longer-lasting manicures.

What are the weaknesses of nail salons? ›

It could be anything from limited marketing efforts, inconsistent customer service, outdated equipment, or lack of specialized nail technicians.

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