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About No News

"No News" is a song performed by American country music band Lonestar. It was released in January 1996 as the second single from their debut album, Lonestar. "No News" reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in April 1996 (see 1996 in country music), giving the group its first number-one single. It was written by Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin, and Mark D. Sanders.


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She said, "It's just a woman thing,"And pulled out of the driveI said not to worryI'm and understanding guyI heard that when you love someoneYou gotta let them goShe hollered, "When I find myselfYou'll be the first to know."Ooo-hooo no newsI've learned to do the laundryFeed the cat and clean the houseI promised to be patientWhile she worked her problems outWhen she packed her bagsHer destination was unclearBut I sensed that her intentionsWere honest and sincereOoo-hooo no newsShe could telephone, tell a friendTell a lie about where she's beenSend a pigeon, send a faxWrite it on a postal packSend a signal up in smokeTap it out in morse codeI'd prefer a bad excuseTo no newsHer momma's been a little vaugeAs to her whereaboutsHer sister says, "I'm certainYour romance is headed south."I don't have a single doubtThat she's still in loveMy level of anxietyIs just a product ofOoo-hooo no newsShe could telephone, tell a friendTell a lie about where she's beenSend a pigeon, send a faxWrite it on a postal packSend a signal up in smokeTap it out in morse codeI'd prefer a bad excuseShe missed her bus, missed her planeSurely, this can be explainedLost her car at the mallGot locked in a bathroom stallJoined a cult, joined the KlanOn the road with Pearl JamBuried with the Grateful DeadCame back as a parrot headGot derailed, got de-icedOffered as a sacrificeFBI, CIA, if they've seen herThey ain't sayingNo news! Still no news!

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Lonestar is an American country music group consisting of Richie McDonald (lead vocals), Michael Britt (lead guitar, background vocals), Keech Rainwater (drums) and Dean Sams (keyboards, backing vocals). John Rich was also the group's bass guitarist and second lead vocalist until 1998, when he was fired from the group. He left for a solo career, before joining Big Kenny in the duo Big & Rich in 2003. Since Rich's departure, Lonestar has not had an official bass guitarist. McDonald left the band in November 2007 for a solo career before returning in 2011. During that time, Cody Collins, who had formerly been in another country group called McAlyster, replaced McDonald as the band's lead vocalist. more »

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Written by: Sam Hogin, Phil Barnhart, Mark Sanders

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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10 facts about this song

Release Information

"No News" is a song performed by American country band Lonestar. It was released in March 1996 serving as their second single and as a part of their self-titled debut album "Lonestar."

Chart Success

Upon release, the song achieved substantial success. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, marking their first number one single.


The song was penned by renown songwriters Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin, and Mark D. Sanders.

Song Length

The album version of "No News" runs for a total of 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

Unusual Promotion

In a unique promotional strategy, stations that added "No News" to their playlists received a mock newspaper featuring a headline related to the song.

Music Video

The music video for "No News" was directed by Deaton-Flanigen Productions. It intersperses footage of the band with montages of people in a variety of situations.

Song Theme

The lyrics reflect a man's wish for no news from his ex-lover, preferring silence over hearing about her new life without him.


In 1997, "No News" was recognized at the Academy of Country Music Awards. The song won the award for 'Video of the Year'.

Sales Data

Following its success on the charts, "No News" was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), indicating sales of over 500,000 copies.


The success of "No News" helped establish Lonestar as a popular country act in the late 1990s and paved the way for their future hits.

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Lonestar - No News Lyrics (2024)
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