Skip Launches Latest Evolution of Wearable Tech Designed for Your Messiest Eats (2024)

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Oct 11, 2023, 12:00 ET

Skip debuts the GameTime Tarp to enhance the at-home viewing experience, available to win through Exclusive Order. Shoot. Win. Contest!

TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2023 /CNW/ - SkipTheDishes, Canada's only homegrown food delivery network, is gearing up for another exciting NHL® season, delivering meals, groceries and more from coast to coast. As the official food delivery app of the NHL® since 2021, Skip has always been committed to delivering game day favourites and enhancing the viewing experience for fans at home.

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In a recent survey* of hockey fans, Skip found that over 70%* of fans like to chow down while watching the game. As a Canadian brand, Skip knows hockey as well as they know food delivery - which is why they understand that you can't risk missing a minute of the action due to a mid-game spillage situation.

As Canadians gear up for their game day viewing experience - Skip continues to lead the way in In-Active Wearable Tech to protect fans from a potential game day catastrophe - worse than missing a short-handed, game-winning goal. In 2021, Skip introduced the iconic Playoff Pants, which featured comfortable stretchy pants with built-in napkins to wipe away sauces and mess. This NHL® season, Skip is proud to introduce The GameTime Tarp to combat messy food casualties - talk about a win.

Made with absorbent fibres, the SkipGameTime Tarp is an all-purpose fashion item that includes a towel-lined front pocket for any snacking need. To bring this functional fashion-forward piece to life, Skip re-enlisted Canadian fashion designer, Izzy Camilleri to develop this evolution with fans, gamers, and multi-tasking eaters in mind.

"As a Canadian company we're constantly reimagining the at-home hockey viewing experience and the ways we can elevate it," says Phil Sylver, Head of Creative, Brand & Content at SkipTheDishes. "The GameTime Tarp is a testament to our team's understanding of true fandom, and how Skip can make these moments even more fun".

Skip's GameTime Tarp hits the big screen

To showcase the GameTime Tarp - Skip partnered with Leon Draisaitl, Edmonton Oilers®

forward, and Olympic Champion, Marie-Philip Poulin to demonstrate its function and capability in their newest ad spot set to air on October 14th. Skip also tapped the directing duo, The Jerk Store, out of The Deli, to return to direct the sequel to Playoff Pants. Skip's integrated NHL marketing strategy also includes TV spots on both conventional and in-game broadcasts, in-arena brand presence across Canada, and a wealth of digital activity across social media, online video, and more.

Skip's launches Order. Shoot. Win. contest with great prizes to be won this Fall

Hockey fans will have the chance to win their very own Skip GameTime Tarp by participating in the Order. Shoot. Win. contest this fall through the Skip app. With every order, Skip customers will be prompted to take their shot at winning a variety of prizes, including Skip's exclusive GameTime Tarp, Skip and gift cards, and a $5,000 all-expense paid trip to the 2024 Rogers NHL® All-Star Weekend in Toronto. Hockey fans can keep their eyes out for exclusive deals on Skip all season long!

To elevate the viewing experience even further, Skip surveyed Canadian hockey fans to find out their favourite game day eats. Their snack of choice? Wings of course - with 82%* of fans choosing wings as their hockey viewing go-to.

Of those who opt for chicken wings as their go-to game day snack - 61%* consume at least 1.5 pounds of wings in a seating. This past hockey season, Canadians ordered an astonishing 13 million chicken wings across the Skip network!

Introducing a Boston Pizza and Skip menu exclusive: Double Overtime Wings

Committed to delivering more of what Canadian hockey fans love this season, Skip has also teamed up with Boston Pizza to introduce 'Double Overtime Wings' - a double order of Boston Pizza's famous chicken wings with 3 times the sauce - available exclusively on Skip!

Ahead of the puck drop, fans can place their order for Double Overtime Wings through the Skip app or website on October 11, 2023, and Order. Shoot. Win. this NHL® season with Skip!

*These are the findings of a survey conducted by SkipTheDishes from September 22nd to 25th, 2023 among a representative sample of 1,504 online Canadians who are members of the Angus Reid Forum. The survey was conducted in English and French. For comparison purposes only, a probability sample of this size would carry a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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Skip Launches Latest Evolution of Wearable Tech Designed for Your Messiest Eats (4)

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Skip Launches Latest Evolution of Wearable Tech Designed for Your Messiest Eats (2024)


Skip Launches Latest Evolution of Wearable Tech Designed for Your Messiest Eats? ›

The food delivery company has created the GameTime Tarp, a new edition of its “In-Active Wearable Tech,” designed to combat messy food casualties. Made with absorbent fibres, the Skip GameTime Tarp features a towel-lined front pocket and was designed by Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri.

Is the Skip tarp a real thing? ›

Made with absorbent fibres, the Skip GameTime Tarp is an all-purpose fashion item that includes a towel-lined front pocket for any snacking need.

How to get a Skip tarp? ›

Hockey fans can win their very own Skip GameTime Tarp by participating through the Skip app. With every order, customers get a chance to win Skip's exclusive GameTime Tarp, Skip and gift cards, or a $5,000 all-expense paid trip to the 2024 Rogers NHL All-Star Weekend in Toronto.

Who is the athlete in SkipTheDishes commercial? ›

Canadian food delivery network SkipTheDishes has launched a new exclusive virtual restaurant in partnership with Maple Leafs F Mitch Marner. "Mitch's Dishes'' will be a pop-up delivery experience for fans across Ontario in multiple cities, available exclusively through the Skip app for a limited time.

How do you get the Skip the dishes tarp? ›

With every food order, customers will receive an email notification inviting them to take their shot to win prizes that include Skip and gift cards, GameTime Tarps or the grand prize of an trip to the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend in Toronto.

Why is tarp so expensive? ›

Naturally, tarp prices are rooted in the quality of the material used and their overall dimensions. Larger heavy duty tarps will cost more than smaller, lighter ones.

Can you put bags of clothes in a skip? ›

While clothes are not hazardous items, disposing of them in a skip can be harmful to the environment. Why is this? Clothes that end up in skips may be transported to landfill sites, where they take a long time to decompose. For instance, a synthetic fibre like polyester can take up to 200 years to break down!

What can I use instead of a skip? ›

A man with a van (or a cage truck) is an excellent alternative to hiring a skip and is perfect for a house clearance or garden clearance.

What is the difference between a skip and a dumpster? ›

A dumpster is sometimes considered synonymous with a skip. However, there are functional differences between them. A skip is intended to be loaded onto a vehicle and transported to another location. Dumpsters, in contrast, have their contents emptied into a special vehicle, and are seldom moved from their locations.

Who is the girl in the SkipTheDishes commercial? ›

Amy Ciupak Lalonde is a Canadian-born television and film actress from Pelham, Ontario. She holds a degree in drama and history from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Lalonde appears on the television channel SCREAM.

Is Katy Perry in SkipTheDishes commercial? ›

In the new spot by McCann London, the pop superstar delivers a remixed version of the “Did somebody say” song originally performed by Snoop Dogg. Perry sings about the joys of ordering from SkipTheDishes through a montage of fantastical rooms in her “dolls-house-inspired” home.

What NHL player is in the SkipTheDishes commercial? ›

To showcase its new top, Skip partnered with Edmonton Oilers forward, Leon Draisaitl (above), and Olympic Champion, Marie-Philip Poulin (below) to demonstrate its function and capability in their newest creative set to air on Oct.

Do hurricane tarps work? ›

A properly installed tarp provides added protection against the worst forces of the hurricane, which could otherwise cause serious damage. Other preparation for hurricane season can include clearing up the gutters and debris near the roof or home.

What does the tarp do in baseball? ›

Also known as a spot cover, and area tarp protects the pitcher's mound, home plate area, and on-deck circles from the elements, and also help maintain the optimum level of soil moisture for safety and durability.

Will a tarp keep water out? ›

Usually, only heavy duty PVC (vinyl) tarps are actually waterproof, though there are some exceptions to this rule on the market. Multipurpose tarps, such as nylon and polyethylene tarps, tend to have lower resilience with water than poly tarps, but they can still be water resistant.

Do mesh tarps work? ›

One of the best features of the mesh tarps is their ability to be less susceptible to wind resistance because they maintain less surface area. Unlike solid tarps that flutter and get torn in the winds, mesh tarps work exceptionally in windy weather. Mesh tarps are also lighter in weight than heavy duty vinyl tarps.

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